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About Infinity Design


Infinity Design

was born in January 2020, after a maturation lasting 4 years of commitment, dedication and development in the sectors dedicated to furniture, design and innovation.

It is a container of ideas created to develop and implement what today is divided by various professional figures.

INFINITY DESIGN is a container created to accommodate all public and private needs.

From the hotel sector, to catering, shops, offices to the furnishings of houses, apartments, cottages and much more.

​INFINITY DESIGN is a constantly expanding group of professionals in search of optimized detail for the customer.

Denis Dal Bò

About Infinity Design

Not just furniture...

INFINITY DESIGN, designs and manufactures from the most complete furnishings to the details.

For this reason, within the CONTAINER we have sections dedicated to the development of customized elements, which distinguish the commercial standard from ours.

Not just furniture....

From the acquisition of various work experiences, we are able to offer a broad design service, which also includes elements

that go outside the classical contexts. 

We design and manufacture exclusive details for many companies in the furniture, nautical, construction,

but also in applied mechanical technology such as in the automotive, industrial, etc. sectors.

Thanks to a Team ever expanding, INFINITY DESIGN has a BRANDS inside called STUDY 77,

which mainly deals with the design and development in the mechanical industry sector, 

Thanks to this mix,

The CONTAINER is able to offer multiple solutions in both fields (furniture environment sector and industrial sector).

INFINITY DESIGN is a new Italian reality, still in the development and expansion phase, not to be confused with the current market realities

and offers a new way of seeing space both in the public and private sectors.


because we are able to handle requests in many sectors.

Our services

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